26 January 2014


Pour le second volet de la série de portraits, direction l'Australie à la rencontre de Jessie Sarpi, poupée flashy dopée au street style japonais. Assistante @Topshop, la mode c'est son dada et son compte insta une caverne d'Alibaba de tenues toutes plus barés les unes que les autres. Big crush quand tu baisses les yeux. Bah ouais, niveau pompes y'a du lourd. Je crois que ça valait le détour alors je vous ai concocté une petite intie (en anglais : pour les fâchés de la langue, utilisez le bouton Translate sur la droite ou appréciez simplement les images, elles parlent d'elles-mêmes). 

Shoessure: So how would you describe your style and what/who inspires you?
Jessie: I tend to have a pretty fun and colourful cartoonish way of dressing. I like wearing bright colours and shiny things with glitter and loud prints. I am inspired by Japanese street style snaps and other people I see around me. My fav style icon is Gwen Stefani.

S: Because I am French, I am wondering, as an Aussie observer, what do you think of the French style? Do you follow French fashion bloggers?
J: I went to Paris a few years ago! I loved the shopping! Peoples style in Paris seemed much more conservative and minimalistic to mine and I tended to tone down what I wore when I was over there. I appreciate the French style however I tend to be inspired more by Japanese fashion as it seems to be more bright and quirky. I do follow the blog http://www.heydickface.com/ which I belive is written by a French girl whos style I really like!

S: All in all, do you follow fashion blogs ? Any favorites?
J: I do follow a few! Here are a few: http://www.seaofshoes.com/ 

S: Let's talk about shoes : how many do you have ?
J: I think I have over 80. I have extras under my bed that I didn’t take pictures of.  

S: Which is your fav pair of shoes among yours ? 
J: I love my hellokitty tuk shoes heaps at the moment!
S: Any dream shoes? You know, the kind of shoes in which you could reincarnate.
J: For shoes I love Meadham Kirchhoff ones on the catwalk! They even did a mini range with Topshop but all the shoes sold out so fast I didn’t manage to get any…they were so cool!

S: Do you buy them on the Internet or do you find everything you want in your city?
J: Mainly internet! I like eBay for bargains but I go on heaps of other websites. Most of my shoes are Jeffery Campbell but I also like Irregular Choice, Senso, Unif, TUK and more! I like buying shoes at op/ second hand thrift shops as well.

S: Which kind of shoes you don't wear at all ? 
J: Flip flops/ thongs or crocs. I find them very boring and not comfortable.

S: Last question : a song that you love at the moment?
J: Beyonce: Partition (mainly the Yonce intro song into the other song)! 

Platform shoes do it better!

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